Table of Contents

Minimal System Requirements
ChronoScan Enterprise Workflow
Document Validation Workflow
How to backup ChronoScan Enterprise
Database Backup
Local Folder Backup
Masterkey Setups Guide
Converting an Existing Setup to Use Masterkeys
Capturing Checkboxes and Signature Boxes
ChronoScan Enterprise Network Diagram
Adding Users in Bulk
Installation of ChronoScan Web Server
1. Software Prerequisites
2. Step by Step Installation Guide
WCI SQLServer Database Creation
User Access Recommendations
3. Running the ChronoScan Main Services
Running Services for Multiple Configurations
Running a ChronoScan Server with SSL
Generating Self Signed Test Certificates with OpenSSL
Configuration of Additional Processing Servers
Optimizing You Master Vendor Database
Database Parameters
Running ChronoScan Web Server through a Reverse Proxy (IIS)
Running ChronoScan Web Server through a Reverse Proxy (Helicon APE)
Using Service Availability Monitoring Tools
ChronoScan Web Administrator introduction
ChronoScan Web Main Services Description
User Roles
User variables
User Permissions
Jobs & Batches
Document Types (Document Templates)
Data model templates
Main Workflow Stages
Document\Batch Creation
Batch Creation
Installing the Scan Plug-In
Document Pre-Classification
Document Processing
Document Post-Classification
Document Type (Template) Configuration
Grid Setup
Grid Properties
Column Menu (Master Column)
Advanced OCR for Grid - Data Capture Options
Advanced OCR for Grid - OCR Engine Options
Trigger Setup
Intelli-Tag Setup
OCR Zones Setup
Advanced OCR Reading - Data Capture
Advanced OCR Reading - OCR Engine
Advanced OCR Reading - Linked Triggers
Advanced OCR Reading - Advanced Data Extraction
Batch Indexing
Status Icons and Description
Data Fields Panel
Intelli-tag Settings
Document and Field Settings
Grid View
Pending Tasks and Document Navigator
Keyboard shortcuts
Grid Panel
Data Review/Correction
Final Approval (in development)
Document Export
Web Session Timeout
Users Guide - Administrator
Login Window
Documents Tab
Default Filter Creation
Custom Fields for Documents Reports
History Window
Batches Tab
Batch Status
Jobs Tab
Job Settings
Master Keys
Document Types
Set All Existing Document Types as Validated
XLS Types
Hotfolder Automated Input
IMAP Automated Input
New IMAP Account Window
E-mail Input Rules Window
Processing Options
Data Entry and Error Correction Options
Export Options
Users Tab
Create New User
Assign Entities to User
Entities Tab
Templates Tab (XSD's)
Reports 1
Reports 2
Administration Tab
Description of Status Icons
Users Guide (Operators and Editors)
Documents Tab
Batches Tab
Manual Batch Creation
Document Scanning
Document Uploading
PDF Uploading Options
Batches Indexing
Data Input Panel
Supplier Data View
Intelli-Tags View
Intelli-Tag Settings Window
Masterkey Settings
Triggers Panel
Data Grid View
Thumbnail View
Document Notes Window
Users Guide (Indexer)