Menu Set All Existing Document Types as Validated

When migrating an existing Job or configuration to ChronoScan Enterprise, all existing document types will require manual user validation.
Document types can be validated either during the Document Type editing step, by Editor users on the Batch(es) Waiting Configuration section of the
Dashboard or by Administrator users on the Document Types section inside the Job Settings. 
If you already have many document types that are already working correctly the following SQL Query can be run on the SQL Database used by your ChronoScan Enterprise installation:
1. If you want to validate ALL existing document types:
Update [wci_jobtypes] set [status]=’configured’, [updated]=GetDate()
2 If you only want to validate all existing document types for a specific Job:
Update [wci_jobtypes] set [status]=’configured’, [updated]=GetDate() where id_job=’****JOB ID***’
The Job ID can be found under the configuration settings on the web interface.