Menu Masterkey Settings Masterkey Settings
On the masterkey tab the user can change settings for the current masterkey.
It is also possible to manage linked document types and to see how the document type is being set for the current document.

Current Masterkey Options

1. Current Masterkey Options
The default date and number formats for each masterkey/supplier can be set here.

Type Recognition

2. Type Recognition
On this area the user can check how ChornoScan is detecting the document type for the current document.
Type set by IDR means the document type was set automatically by the IDR engine at the document type recognition processing step.

Force Manual Index

3. Force Manual Index
Manual indexing can be forced on a specific masterkey.

Linked Type Options

4. Linked Type Options
On this section the user can manage all the document types linked to the current masterkey.
Very useful for managing several different types of documents sent from the same supplier/vendor.
It is also useful when different suppliers/vendors use the same document template.