7.5.1. Data Input Panel

7.5.1. Data Input Panel
In the data input panel the user can edit and correct document data.

Set doc to manual index

1. Set doc to manual index
Mark a document to be reviewed.

Document Navigation Toolbar

2. Document Navigation Toolbar
Use the document navigation buttons to browse through the documents inside the current Batch.
    Use those arrows to move to the next or previous document in the Batch.
    Use this button to move to the next data field with errors.

Set doc to review

3. Set doc to review
Use this button to send the current document type template for review.

Document Processing Toolbar

4. Document Processing Toolbar
The Document Processing toolbar offer tools to process, reset and sort the document on the current batch.
    Use this button to filter and sort documents by masterkey.
    Use this to send the document template for review.
    Use this button to process the current document.
    This button will reset the document, cleaning up allt he data captured.

Time Spent on Document

5. Time Spent on Document
The timer will display how much time was spent on the current document.

Set doc to validated

6. Set doc to validated
Set document status to validated.

Document Fields View

7. Document Fields View
The document fields view is the default view and it will display all the data capture fields for the current Job.

Custom Buttons

8. Custom Buttons
Custom buttons can be added to the Index panel to perform custom scripts.

Supplier Data Tab

9. Supplier Data Tab
On the supplier data tab the user can see all the information about the supplier detected on the current document.
It is also possible to change and add data manually.
All the data will be updated on ChronoScan's internal database.
Other external data lookups will also display next to the Supplier lookup.

Intelli-Tag Tab

10. Intelli-Tag Tab
The user can manage and view intelli-tags on the intelli-Tag tab.

Masterkey Tab

11. Masterkey Tab
On the masterkey tab the user can see the current masterkey settings.
On this tab it is also possible to manage the types linked to the current masterkey.

Triggers Tab

12. Triggers Tab
On the triggers tab the user can see all triggers for the current type together with all global triggers.
By clicking on a trigger it is possible to change its settings.

Batch counters

13. Batch counters
From left to right:
  • Number of documents that needs processing.
  • Number of document that needs user indexing.
  • Number of validated documents
  • Number of documents with errors
  • Total documents
  • Total pages