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OCR Triggers are an important part of the data capture process. They cover a wide range of applications being used to set position references for OCR Zones and Grids, split multi page documents and even triggering custom actions by running a VBScript.
The triggers work by performing a specific action when it's condition is fulfilled (Text Exist or Regular Expression Exist). Barcode triggers can also be setup and work the same way as text triggers.
To create a trigger manually the user must select the Trigger tool and create the desired area for the trigger. Then the OnTextExist or OnRegExp fields should be filled with the desired text or regular expression.
The desired action should also be selected from the menu. Every time the text or regular expression is found within the trigger area the trigger will be set to true and the selected action will happen.
Intelli-tags are a specialized set of triggers and will be explained later on this document.

Trigger Details

1. Trigger Details
The Trigger Details will define the name, page shown and search area. Change those options as needed. Usually a split trigger should be set to all pages, a position reference trigger might be set to an area or big area and so on. The page shown will always depend on the workflow and the data capture needs.

Trigger Settings

2. Trigger Settings
The Triggers Settings are used to set the text or regular expression that the trigger will be looking for. It is also used to set fuzzy level. The fuzzy level is the number of deviations from the selected text that are allowed to set the trigger as positive.
The fuzzy level will only work for OnTextExist. OnTextExist and OnRegExpExist should not be used at the same time, when one is filled the other should always be empty.

Linked Objects Menu

3. Linked Objects Menu
To see which objects the trigger is linked to open the Linked Objects tab.