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Intelli-tags are special types of triggers. They are used to automatically capture data by using a set of text tags in conjunction with a set of either search masks or values to assign.
The assign type of intelli-tag will look for the desired text and assign a user set value to the linked field. This is what is used for masterkey setups where the supplier must be identified by using vendor data.
The search function type of intelli-tags can be used to capture data like invoice numbers, dates, totals and other types of codes. This is very useful to speed up the data capture process when all the documents being processed using the same Job settings have very similar tags for each piece of data. Whenever a search function intelli-tag is not working or giving too much trouble with bad detection it is recommended to replace it with an OCR Zone. 

Intelli-tag Info

1. Intelli-tag Info
Intelli-tag name and linked data field.

Search Text

2. Search Text
This text is the text that ChronoScan will look for in the documents.

Fuzzy Search Level

3. Fuzzy Search Level
The fuzzy search level will define how many mistakes are accepted when ChronoScan is searching for intelli-tags.

No Text at Sides

4. No Text at Sides
This setting will reject an intelli-tag when it is contained within a phrase with more text to the left and right.

Intelli-tag Type

5. Intelli-tag Type
Master key intelli-tags are used only for the current masterkey (only available on masterkey setups). Document type intelli-tags are used for document type specific intelli-tags. Global intelli-tags will work for all document types.

Intelli-tag Type

6. Intelli-tag Type
Use search value to create a search function intelli-tag, where ChronoScan will look for the Search Text and then perform the search function. Use assign value to create assign value intelli-tags, where ChronoScan will look for the Search Text and then assign the value to the linked field.

Search Function

7. Search Function
The search function will define what kind of data ChronoScan will be looking for after the Search Text is found. This is only enabled when the Search Value type of intelli-tag is selected.
Those are the currently available search function:

Value to Assign

8. Value to Assign
This option will tell ChronoScan which value to assign to the desired field after the Search Text is found. This option is only enabled when the Assign value intelli-tag type is selected.

Entity Selection

9. Entity Selection
When using Entities this field can be used to create Entity specific intelli-tags.

Create Button

10. Create Button
When all the settings are set as desired click on the create button to generate the intelli-tag