5.8.5. Document Type (Template) Configuration

In this stage the users with EDITOR or OPERATOR privileges can configure document templates including OCR triggers, OCR Zones and Intelli-tags.
Template Configuration window.
On this step the users will define how the data will be captured from their documents by using tools such as OCR triggers, Intelli-tags, OCR Zones and the Grid capture.
All the tools and processes are described on the following chapters:
To create a custom setup it is also possible to use advanced capture for OCR Zones, VBScripts and also custom export fields. The grid capture also have advanced options like master line and carriage return detection, custom fields and regular expression detection.
All of the tools used in conjunction will create a very powerful and flexible template that will allow you to capture the data your documents.  
NOTE: All workflow stages are specific to each Job and most workflow stages can be turned on and off for each Job at the workflow settings on the Jobs tab. 
NOTE: Some stages will only show on the Dashboard if they are enabled on the Workflow settings for the Job for the currently logged in user.