6.3. Documents Tab

6.3. Documents Tab
On the Documents tab the user will be able to generate reports and see workflow data for individual documents. If you need to generate report for Batches, Users or Jobs use the Reports tab.
NOTE: When creating Document Reports for the first time make sure to use the Synchronize Document Data button on the Batches tab for the desired Batches.
When custom fields are needed those steps can be followed to create customized fields and to link a field to a ChronoScan list.

View Options

1. View Options
Using the View options it is possible to generate new views and save them. It is possible to save changes to the current view, remove the current opened view and save the current view as a new view.

Filter and Column Options

2. Filter and Column Options
On the Filter and Column options menu it is possible to select which columns are visible and sort them in the current view. It is also possible to generate custom filters using the Default Filter Option.

View Toolbar

3. View Toolbar
On the view toolbar it is possible to hide and show individual elements on the screen such as the filter and sort panels. Great for cleaning up the current view.
It is also possible to refresh the current view if the latest changes on the system do not reflect on the current information being displayed.

Job Selection

4. Job Selection
Use this menu to select the desired job.

Search Filters

5. Search Filters
Using the search filters it is possible to apply filters to the current view based on either criteria given by the dropdown menu or typed in by the user.
Complex filters can be created by using more than one column at a time.
Custom filters can be created using the Default Filter option on the Filter and Column Options menu.

Organize by Column

6. Organize by Column
By using the organize by column button it is possible to automatically sort by the selected column.
This button will add sorting rules based on the selected column.
By adding more columns complex sorting can be achieved.

Go to Document

7. Go to Document
After selecting a specific document it is possible to open it directly on the Index view from the Documents tab by using the Go to Document button.

Request Batch

8. Request Batch
The request batch button will allow the current user to request the batch that contains the selected document.


9. History
The history button will open the history panel with historical information about the selected document/documents.
This button will open the History window.

Download Document Data

10. Download Document Data
The download data button will allow the user to download document data. The downloaded file will contain all the displayed data in csv (comma separated) format.

Set Batch Status

11. Set Batch Status
Use the set batch status button to set the batch status for the batch that contains the selected document (s).
The same can be achieved on the Batches tab. Useful for resetting batches for instance.