6.4. Batches Tab

6.4. Batches Tab
On the Batches Tab it is possible to search through and perform a few management options regarding Batches. The main function are opening and removing Batches and setting the status manually.


1. Refresh
This button will refresh all the data about the Batches available to the user on the system.
Use this if you don't see a batch that was generated recently.

Open Batch

2. Open Batch
Select the desired batch from the list and click on Open Batch to open it and start indexing the documents.
The best way to open batches is from the Dashboard.

Delete Batch(es)

3. Delete Batch(es)
Select the desired batch and click on Delete Batch(es) to remove the batch(es) from the system.

Set Batch(es) Status

4. Set Batch(es) Status
Select the batch from the list and click on set batch status to change the status of the batch. All the statuses are documented here.
Using this button you can reset a batch manually by choosing the "created" status or force the desired status.

View Activity Log

5. View Activity Log
Select the desired Batch and click on the View Activity button to open the batch log for that batch.

Search Batch

6. Search Batch
Use the search field to find a specific batch. You can search for a job, user, status and any other details.

Batches List

7. Batches List
All your batches along with details from each one will be displayed here.

View State for Current Batch

8. View State for Current Batch
The view state button will display a graph view with the current state of all the documents on the selected Batch.
This will help determine how much work is still pending for that batch.

Maintenance Menu

9. Maintenance Menu
The maintenance menu will give access to the Sync Batches on Disk and the Synchronize Document Data functions.
Sync Batches on Disk: when using ChronoScan Enterprise via the web interface (thin client) only the batches created through it will be available. To have access to the Batches created on the Desktop Interface use the sync batches on disk button.
Synchronize Document Data: When creating Document Reports this function must be used to update the latest data that will be used by the Documents Reports on the Documents tab.