7.1. Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main entry point to the application, from the dashboard operators and editors can select and execute tasks, like batch creation, template editing and manual data input.
7.1. Dashboard
On the Dashboard the user gets an overview of all tasks done and pending.
To proceed to the next workflow step the user must first select the desired task on the left side menu and then the desired batch or job on the right side menu.
Depending on the user type, roles, workflow steps, jobs and batches assigned to the current user the Dashboard will display more or less Batches and tasks. 

Select main task

1. Select main task
On the left side panel the user will have several tasks to choose from depending on their role and assigned jobs, batches and workflow steps.
Under batches waiting configuration you will see all batches that contain document types that need to be setup or validated.
Under batches waiting user input you will see all batches that contain documents that need to be manually indexed and validated.

Task items

2. Task items
On the right panel the user will be able to select a task item related to the task selected.
Usually it is a batch to open or create.