6.3.2. Custom Fields for Documents Reports

After synchronizing document data on the Batches tab for a job a new table will be created on the ChronoScan database with the name "wci_jobdata_YOURJOBNAME". On that table the document data used for the Document reports will be stored.
If a custom field is needed on one of your views for your Document Reports it can be added directly on the database as follows:
Open the table “wci_doc_status” and add the desired fields following this format:
               usr$My custom field                      nvarchar, datetime…
To link that custom field to a ChronoScan list the new field must be created as the following example:
               usr$MyChronoListName$My custom field             nvarchar(128)
To create custom fields only for specific documents they should be added to the “wci_jobdata_YOURJOBNAME” table.