3.3.2. Local Folder Backup

To perform a full backup of ChronoScan Enterprise the SQL database must be backed up alongside the local folders.
For a full backup just create a copy of you ChronoScan configuration folder. The default configuration folder is in the following path :
On multiple configuration setups the other configuration folders will be found on the following path :
Where Configuration_Name stands for the name of the other configurations present on the machine. If you have several configurations and don't know which ones you are using just open ChronoScan as usual and check which configurations you have on the multi configurations launcher and note which ones you are using. The ones noted should be the ones backed up.
If you only want to backup the configuration and not the full setup ignore the following folder :
This folder contains all of the current Batches and will significantly increase the final size of the backup. If there is no need to keep created Batches on the backup it is highly recommended that this folder is excluded.