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On the Advanced Data Extraction tab it is possible to create customized data capture rules based on criteria such as line number or character and word position.
That functionality can be expanded with VBScriptting. It is also possible to integrate Intelli-tag reading within the Zone.
Advanced Data Extraction templates can be created for later usage on the same Job but on different OCR zones.

Save/Load Template

1. Save/Load Template
Using those buttons a template can be created and/or loaded.

Search Values

2. Search Values
Using the search values function the intelli-tag functionality can be added to the OCR Zone.

Extract Values

3. Extract Values
Using this function specific lines or the first or last word can be extracted from the OCR Zone.

Move Up/Down

4. Move Up/Down
You can use the move up/down to change the order in which your advanced functions run.

Edit Module

5. Edit Module
Select a module and use the edit module button to change it's settings.

Delete Module

6. Delete Module
Use the delete module button to delete modules.
Select the desired module and click on the delete button.

Refresh Reading

7. Refresh Reading
After making changes you can use the refresh reading button to run all the functions again.

Module Description

8. Module Description
This window will display information about the current modules used.