• Minimal System Requirements

Minimal System Requirements

Intel i7/Xeon processor, or equivalent;
Recommended: processor with 4 processing cores or more*
System Memory:
4 GB or more;
Minimum per concurrent user: 50 mb
Disk Space:
1.5 GB for program files and more for temporary files**
Operating System:
Any of the following are supported operating systems***:
  •     Windows Server 2019
  •     Windows Server 2016
  •     Windows 10
  •     Windows Server 2012 R2
  •     Windows 8.1
  •     Windows Server 2012
  •     Windows 8
  •     Windows Server 2008
  •     Windows 7
* Having more cores will decrease processing time for OCR tasks
** Depending on the application more space will be needed
*** The listed operating systems are supported in 32 and 64 bit flavors
NOTE: Those are MINIMAL requirements. Each different application will have different requirements.
ChronoScan ENTERPRISE also have software requirements. They can be found here.