4.4. Optimizing You Master Vendor Database

To take advantage of the new database intelli-tag import tools built into ChronoScan Enterprise the user must take some notes into consideration before importing all the data. Even though the importing algorithms will get rid of unneeded data it is always good practice to make sure the database being used to import data inside ChronoScan Enterprise is clean and up to date.
Please make sure that your database does NOT contain:
1 - Duplicate Records or misspellings leading to duplicate entries;
2 - Records from suppliers and customers on the same database.
When importing the data into ChronoScan Enterprise the user must choose a masterkey field that should agree to the following guidelines:
1 - The masterkey field should be unique for each supplier;
2 - The masterkey field should NOT contain null data or empty fields
3 - As an alternative the masterkey field used at import time can be a new column created as numeric sequence if there isn't a column that fits the above criteria already in the database.
Again, please make sure that the database used to import data into ChronoScan is as maintained as possible and as clean as possible. This will ensure much less time spent solving issues created by redundant or bad data.