Menu New IMAP Account Window New IMAP Account Window
On this window it is possible to set all the necessary settings for the IMAP Input as well as the batch settings for the created batches.

IMAP Hotfolder Configuration Name

1. IMAP Hotfolder Configuration Name
This will be the  name for the new IMAP hotfolder configuration to be generated.

IMAP Server Configuration

2. IMAP Server Configuration
The IMAP server settings should be set here.

IMAP Folder

3. IMAP Folder
The folder where the messages should be pulled from can be set here.

Polling Interval

4. Polling Interval
The polling interval can be changed here.

Maximum Number of Messages

5. Maximum Number of Messages
Several messages are included in the same batch. A limit can be set here.

Base Name for Batches

6. Base Name for Batches
The base name for email batches can be set here.
It is useful for separating email batches from hotfolder batches for instance.

Entity Configuration

7. Entity Configuration
When using Entities, IMAP hotfolder batches can be set to a specific entity from this menu. Together with the IMAP Folder options and built-in filters on the email server, several IMAP hotfolder configurations can be created to accommodate any kind of Entity configuration.

Email Options

8. Email Options
Several useful email options can be set here.
An error notification email can be sent back to the sender if there is an error in the system.
The body of the email can be added as the last page of the batch.
This option can be used to split all files into separate documents.
When selected, if the email from the sender matches the email set to a user the batch owner will be that user.
Check this option to activate email import.

Import Actions

9. Import Actions
If the user needs the emails to be deleted after they are imported successfully the Delete mail after import can be selected.

Move Imported Messages

10. Move Imported Messages
Imported messages can be moved to a different folder on the server.
To set it just put in the name of the folder.

Check IMAP Server Connection

11. Check IMAP Server Connection
The Check connection button will allow you to test the connection to the IMAP server. If an error occurs the error message should help troubleshoot the issue.