Menu Processing Options Processing Options
On the processing options settings the user can setup all the desired processing steps for each Job.
You can setup from image processing to grid processing, batch processing notifications, manual or automatic indexing, intelli-tag logging and much more.

Document Type Recognition Options

1. Document Type Recognition Options
Those settings will allow the user to control the document type status for new document types and document without masterkey.
If no user interaction is desired the status for new document types should be set to "configured".
Status for documents without masterkey can be set either to "manual index" for manual vendor/supplier identification or to "toconfigure" for document type editing.

Post-Processing Options

2. Post-Processing Options
This options will remove all required user interaction for configured document types.
If Exclude batches created from user hotfolders is selected  manual indexing will become mandatory for user batches.

Processing Notifications

3. Processing Notifications
The Activate event log for intellitag recognition option will enable logging for intelli-tags.
Email notifications can be enabled for processed batches. We recommend using the Notification settings instead.