Menu Document and Field Settings Document and Field Settings
On the Document and Field Settings the user can change several settings for the entire document and for the currently selected field, from intelli-tags to masterkey settings.

Date and Number Settings

1. Date and Number Settings
The Date and Decimals settings will affect the current masterkey (supplier). The user can set date and decimal numbering formats for the current supplier.
It is also possible to use the force manual index option to force manual indexing for the current supplier.

Document Type Link Settings

2. Document Type Link Settings
On this section the user can see all document types linked to the current masterkey and also link or create new document types.

Document Type Tools

3. Document Type Tools
Using the document type tools it is possible to perform action such as setting a default document type for the current supplier:
Set current document type as default for the current supplier (key)
Unlink current document type from the current supplier (key)
View types

Link an Existing Document Type

4. Link an Existing Document Type
Using the link an existing document type button it is possible to add an existing document type for the current supplier.
This is useful when multiple supplier use the same document template, only changing the logo and the company information.

Default Value

5. Default Value
On this field the user can set the default value for the currently selected field.

Other Options

6. Other Options
Other Options will display miscellaneous options for the field. On this case it is displaying intelli-tag reading options for the current field (Tax Total).