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On the Grid view you have an overview of the entire data capture for each document of the current Batch. It includes document and data field status as well as filter and search tools.
All the columns can be resized and sorted alphabetically or numerically. Global filters can also be applied when searching for a specific type of data.

Document Status

1. Document Status
This icon will reflect the document status.

Field Status

2. Field Status
The user can check each data field for notification icons. When a validation rule doesn't pass the field will display an error.


3. Refresh
When a change is made the user can refresh the Grid view so it reflects the latest changes.

Filter Documents by Status

4. Filter Documents by Status
The user can enable status filters to easily access only the desired documents.

Filter Documents

5. Filter Documents
It is also possible to use custom text filters to browse through the documents. This text search will work for any data on the grid view.