Menu Pending Tasks and Document Navigator Pending Tasks and Document Navigator
On the Pending Tasks and Document Navigation panel the user can see thumbnails for all documents and check the status for each of them. A Pending tasks window is also available to keep track of all of the documents that still need to be setup or indexed. You are able to perform classification tasks such as split, delete and rotate by clicking on the little document classification menu arrow to the top right of each page.


1. Refresh
Refresh Pending Tasks Panel. This will refresh the status for the current documents.

Pending Tasks

2. Pending Tasks
By selecting a document type on the pending tasks panel the user can filter all documents.

Documents Thumbnail

3. Documents Thumbnail
This thumbnail will display some basic information about the document. The user can see page number and document number information as well as the document status. The document classification menu is also available here.

Document Classification Menu

4. Document Classification Menu
Using this menu the user can perform basic classification tasks such as rotating, deleting and joining pages.
All the classification tasks available on the Document Classification Menu.