4.3. 3. Running the ChronoScan Main Services

After installation and setup is complete follow this guide to install the ChronoScan Enterprise Services.
All of the ChronoScan services can be executed as regular executables for installation/debug purposes or as a Windows Service for a production environment.
If you have the need to process multiple batches of documents at the same time to reduce the overall turnaround time you can use additional machines with ChronoScan Enterprise by configuring additional processing servers

1 - Creating the services from the command prompt:


1.1 - Deleting the created services:

To remove the service from the system use the following code:

1.2 - Running the Servers as executables from the command prompt:


If you want to run the services as executables, for testing and troubleshooting purposes, use the following commands:


2 - Changing the setting for the Services:

After the services are created open the Windows Services window by using Windows Key + R to launch the run dialogue and then type services.msc.
On the Services window look for the created WCI Server services, open the properties and change Startup type to Automatic and, on the Log On tab, select This account and set the appropriate user for the service:
Log On tab on the Service properties for the ChronoScan Web Server service.
For user access we recommend creating a ChronoScan service account on AD. That same user must also have access to the database created on step 2.
This user must have read and write access to the entire structure inside C:\ProgramData\ChronoScan and  C:\Program Files (x86)\ChronoScan.
NOTE: Please Make sure the Web Server Service is running so you have access to the Web Interface.

3 - Service creation example from powershell:


If you want to use PowerShell instead to create the services, follow these commands:


Running Multiple Configurations

If you need to run multiple configurations you can follow through the Running Services for Multiple Configurations guide.
After the services are created and running correctly ChronoScan Enterprise is ready to start receiving and processing documents.