5.2. ChronoScan Web Main Services Description


ChronoScan Document Types Server (DTS):

Main configuration and Document Types Server. Acts as main configuration server and coordinates all operations of the other services. You only need to run a Document Types Server when using multiple machines as part of the same ChronoScan Web Server.
NOTE: The Document Types Server (DTS) can only run in one machine.
NOTE: The Document Types Server is only needed on setups with multiple machines.

ChronoScan Web Server:

This is the main web server and it will allow you to run the Web interface inside a internet browser from another computer.
This server can be run on multiple machines in order to provide different entry points to the application depending on the workload. It is also possible to have multiple instances of it on the same machine for different configurations.

ChronoScan Processing Server:

This is the processing service and it allows you to run configured tasks on batches, like deskew, OCR, etc.
By running this service on multiple machines/instances you can process more than one batch simultaneously.

ChronoScan Input Server (only used when running automated input services):

Service that allows the execution of hotfolders and IMAP import modules.

ChronoScan Export Server:

Service that manages Batch export operations running the output and conversion modules.