5.3. User Roles

ChronoScan Enterprise has four built-in user types:


The Indexer role is the lowest in the hierarchy and it was designed to allow low level users to finish the data capture workflow by adding any data that could not be captured by the automatic capture tools or operator users. An Indexer user can manually enter data on the missing fields or use the text select tool to capture it using the page OCR text.


The Operator role is designed to allow users to add data to the system and correct OCR & processing errors. It will have some optional privileges that can be added or removed on the Data Entry and Error Correction options for each Job. On some setups it is difficult to distinguish between an Operator and an Editor user as they have similar privileges, the difference is that the Operator user will not be able to setup document types the first time those are detected by the system.


An Editor can perform all Operator and Indexer tasks plus template configuration. Template configuration is the part of the workflow where the user defines how the data is extracted and processed in the system.


The administrator can perform all of the other tasks performed by the other user types and also manage all the system parameters of the application such as:
ChronoScan Users management window.