• 8. Users Guide (Indexer)

8. Users Guide (Indexer)

8. Users Guide (Indexer)
The Indexer Role was designed for the end of the ChronoScan Enterprise Workflow.
This user was designed to finish the data capture process by going through documents where data is missing and keying that data either using the Send Text tool which is their default tool if the information is printed on the document and can be read by OCR or by manually typing in the information on the correct field.

Data Entry Panel

1. Data Entry Panel
This panel is the same for all users (the fields displayed may vary depending on the Job settings).
In here the user will see all the data for the current document.

Dashboard Button

2. Dashboard Button
Use this button to go back to the Dashboard.

Finishing Indexing

3. Finishing Indexing
When all the missing data is filled in this button will finish the batch and send it to the next step of the workflow step (usually either final validation or export).