Menu Grid Panel Grid Panel
On the Grid Panel the user can manage the grid capture. It is possible to manually add and remove rows and to test the Grid reading by using the Read Grid button.

Save Grid

1. Save Grid
Make sure to save the grid whenever there are changes made.

Read Grid

2. Read Grid
Use the read grid button to get a reading for all the grids on the document.

Manage Rows

3. Manage Rows
The user can manually manage rows to add or remove data.
It is possible to add and remove rows as well as moving the rows up and down and remove them.

Remove all Grids

4. Remove all Grids
This button will remove all grids on the document.
This option should be used with care.

Expand Grid Panel

5. Expand Grid Panel
This button will enlarge the grid view horizontally so the user can see more data.

Grid Name

6. Grid Name
The currently selected grid module will be displayed here as the grid name.
It is also possible to give the grid aliases on the Fields options on the Job settings.