7.5.2. Data Grid View

7.5.2. Data Grid View
The Data Grid view will display all the data captured on the documents for the current batch.
Using the Grid View the user can quickly have access to all of the documents and the data captured.
It is also possible to manually change the values for each document by typing directly on the Data Grid view.

Refresh Data

1. Refresh Data
Click here to refresh the data on the grid view.

View Documents for Manual Index

2. View Documents for Manual Index
Click here to view only the documents that need manual indexing (validation or error correction).

View Validated Documents

3. View Validated Documents
Click to view only validated documents.

View All

4. View All
Click on the View All button to remove all filters.

View Errors

5. View Errors
Click here to view only documents with errors.

Reprocess Batch

6. Reprocess Batch
Click on this button to reprocess the entire Batch.
Use with care on big Batches as this will interrupt the workflow until reprocessing is finished.

Validate Documents

7. Validate Documents
This button will validate all selected documents or all document if no documents are selected.

Change Display Columns

8. Change Display Columns
Use this button to display only the desired data fields on the Grid View.
Very useful when checking only part of the data captured.

Fast Filter

9. Fast Filter
Use the Fast Filter to execute any desired custom search.
This will perform the search on all of the data fields and documents.

Document status icon

10. Document status icon
The icons on the first column of the Data Grid View will give some insight into each document.

Field status icon

11. Field status icon
Shows fields with errors.
Place mouse cursor over the icon to get extended error info.