3.2. ChronoScan Enterprise Workflow

3.2. ChronoScan Enterprise Workflow
The flowchart above will give some insight into the ChronoScan Enterprise document workflow, from input to output.
It can be separated into three different stages:
NOTE: Depending on the document validation settings (automatic or manual) the user will have more or less manual control of the validation workflow.
The user can navigate between the three stages freely by adding and removing documents from existing Batches,
chaging template settings, creating new templates, validating documents manually and also by manually changing the status of a Batch.
In the following breakdown of each stage we will be diving into some of the main concepts:


1. Input
Using either email (IMAP) or hotfolder (local fixed folder) Input the user can create Batches using Automated Input Services (make sure the Input server in running).
By manually uploading or scanning documents using the Scan tool the user can manually create Batches and add documents and pages to a Batch.
On this stage the Batches are created and processed automatically, following to the next step.


2. Processing
On the processing step the documents will be processed using their Job configuration (workflow steps).
If the user has pre or post-classification enabled the extra steps will be added, requiring user intervention as those are manual processes.
Following the processing step the documents will go through the validation step.

Validation and Export

3. Validation and Export
Following the possible errors the document will be set with the corresponding status.
After the validation step the user can step in and perform actions such as template setup and manual index.
Depending on the Job configuration some users will also be able to manually force the validation of a document.
If the document have missing mandatory data it will be sent to index so it can be manually indexed by a user.
If the document is not recognized by the system as a known document with a document type (template) attached to it the document will be set to
To Configure so a editor can step in and setup the data capture template for that document.
A user can also send a existing document type into To Review with notes so eidtors can fix any template errors.
After changes are made to templates the documents are processed again.
When all document of a Batch are valid the documents will be set to To Export so they can be exported by the system.