6.10. Administration Tab

6.10. Administration Tab
The administration tab will allow you to configure system parameters like the header title that shows up at the Web Interface and the welcome logo.

Input Root

1. Input Root
The input root directory will be used by all hotfolders.
This can be changed to any path on the server and will be the same for all jobs.

WCI Log Max Days

2. WCI Log Max Days
The wci_max_log_days setting will clean the system logs on the defined day interval.
Set -1 for no limit (default value)
0 disables the log
After changing this value you must clean up the logs manually and then restart all of the ChronoScan.
Make sure that there are no active batches in the system or that the cleanup only affect older batches.
The logs are located on the WCI_User_Activity and ChoronoSys_Event_Track tables inside the ChronoScan Enterprise database.

Header and Logo

3. Header and Logo
The header title link address and text can be changed here.
The welcome logo option will point to the logo file to be used by the login window.
The original file can be found inside C:\Program Files (x86)\ChronoScan\Bin\wci

Intelli-tag Date Capture

4. Intelli-tag Date Capture
The intelli-tag date capture settings can be changed here.
To change the minimum and maximum range just change the values.
To change the global capture format just change "system" to the desired format (MM/DD/YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY).

Intelli-tag Amount Capture

5. Intelli-tag Amount Capture
The decimal separator format and the numerical format can be forced for intelli-tag capture.
This is useful if your system format is different from the format on the documents you are processing.