Enjoy software maintenance included with new ChronoScan licenses.

Term of maintenance depends on your license. (Compare licenses.)

Renew software maintenance on existing licenses and the benefits continue.

Available for Standard License only.


for Pro Licenses

49 EUR

for Adv Licenses

99 EUR

  • Includes the latest version of ChronoScan
  • Includes one year of software updates
  • Includes one year of priority support
  • Includes unlimited community support
  • No penalty for late renewal
  • Requires existing license

The goodies you get with maintenance

Frequent product features, right when they're ready. We hold back nothing. See what's new.

Timely support for all Microsoft Operating systems, including major versions, updates, and service packs.

Front-of-the-line technical assistance, via easy in-app requests.

Priority focus on bug fixes important to you.

Priority consideration for features you wish were included in ChronoScan.

Continual speed improvements, so ChronoScan handles your projects as they grow.