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Ultimate suite for Document Scanning & PDF/OCR data capture
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ChronoScan Enterprise is designed for scalable multi-user, high volume capture applications

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What is it ?

  • It's a complete suite for document Scanning & Data Entry.
  • It’s easy but powerful and fast.
  • Scan and organize your documents in minutes, not hours.
  • It’s free for non-commercial use. (With nag screen)

What can it do?

  • Allows you to Scan/Index large sets of documents.
  • Helps you with data Entry with OCR & Assisted auto fields.
  • Extract text from PDF Files and convert to indexed data.
  • Upload documents to the Cloud.
  • Export documents & data to your CRM/ERP.

Who is it for?

  • Personal users who scan documents on a daily basis.
  • Companies that are involved in scanning processes.
  • Service companies that Scan for other companies.

ChronoScan has a wealth of features to enhance scanning&data capture productivity

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