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ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 27 April, 2020

Requires maintenance through 2019.04.27

-Critical bug on v., processing freezes when an intellitag looks for a nearest regular expresion
-New output module to Azure Storage
-Improve refine type by text flow
-Allow user defined regex for zone:
-Allow to import office documents using a third party office to pdf converter
-Add github script link to scripting window
-New features on Script editor.
-Add support for pre-defined regex
-Pdf input module now allows image files, so it can be used for import pdf and image documents
-Allow to activate/deactivate log from user interface
-M-Files output module, new option to set workflow state
-M-Files output module, allow several values for a data type multi-select
-Chrono PDF output module. Improvement for multi threading, generate the output pdf using several threads, improves the speed
-TXT output, new option for CSV EXCEL field format
-Maths operations in fields
-Add Xgrid settings when copy default type settings
-XGrid, check balance rounding new configured margin
-Grid, balance fields, allow to overwrite these fields for document type
-Barcode: Support new Code 93
-Barcode: Support new GS1-128
-Txt export new option to remove successive duplicate lines
-Intellitags search for a regular expression
-PDF information in system page fields
-Hotfolder, add ability to pause console log
-New option for a field to keep the aspect and position ratio
-New Batches Snapshot and compare tool
-Get OCR confidence for full text
-Sharepoint output export, actions if the document already exists (add _nnn)...
-VBScript ChronoApp object new functions
  • -for page/doc moving on interface Indexer_SelectNextPage, Indexer_SelectPrevPage, Indexer_SelectDocNum
  • -SendSmtpEmail, allows to send an email using the smtp settings configured on ChronoScan program settings
  • -VBScript ChronoBatch object new functions
  • -Save, saves current batch
  • -GetDateCreated, GetDateUpdated
  • -GetOutModule_MFilesServerApplication returns the a MFilesServerApplication object already connected to a M-Files server using an existing M-Files output module configuration
  • -GetVariableValue, returns a ChronoScan Variable
  • -DeleteBatch
  • -VBScript ChronoDocument object new functions
  • -LookupForceValidation, forces validation for a database lookup
  • -SetDocumentAsIndexed, forces the indexed status for a document
  • -SaveToPDF, saves current document to a pdf file
  • -IgnorePage, ignores current page
  • -IsPageIgnored, checks if current page is ignored
  • -GetXGridSelectedRows, returns an array contaningn the selected XGrid row numbers
  • -GetVariableValue gets a ChonoScan variable
  • -VBScript UserField object new functions
  • -HideOnGridView, ShowOnGridView hide/Show a field on a XGrid object
  • -VBScript editor, view the XGrid fields on help dropdown
    -Alternative layout processor for jobs: Allows to resort text lines and blocks using an unique method for PDF/OCR as alternative to native sorting..


    -New option to keep the data and statistics when deleting batches
    -New email notifications for server/services status
    -User interface, allow to set a document type manually
    -Button to show hide crosshairs on web
    -Hotfolders, allow custom paths
    -Offer Supplier selection dialog window when triggers find more than one supplier option (while indexing documents)
    -Document types panel, allow to set configured/not configured to selection
    -Multiple suppliers dialog opening
    -IMAP import, new option to create a new batch for each email attachment received
    -Server status for all the services and SMTP on user interface
    -Send email to admin when services are down.
    -Low disk space warning (configurable)
    -Batch filters on dashboard
    -Batch tab new option to see export reports
    -Batch tab new filter toolbar
    -Add tooltip to any index fields that overflow input area
    -Allow to activate/deactivate log from user interface and see on status panel if it is activated
    -Allo to add/delete users through an interchange table
    -Move batch/input files from incorrect hotfolder/batch to a new hotfolder/batch
    -Add user to all roles at once and expand/ collapse user roles tree view.
    -New option for assigning document type and validate to multiple doc selection.
    -New report output view options: (TreeView & pretty print)
    -IMAP and HOTFOLDER new option max number of batches per input session on IMAP this option per configuration.
    -Create new document type on index window

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 11, February, 2019

    Requires maintenance through 2018.02.11

    - This is a service release that addresses a specific problem affecting certain customers with processing new elements after input finish.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 31, January, 2019

    Requires maintenance through 2018.01.31

    - Smtp export, allow to embed images in a html body.
    - extended xml export. Allow attributes for main, document and custom nodes.
    - scripts: new function to merge documents Batch.MergeDocuments.
    - Export configurator, allow to add description to a module.
    - Export configurator, allow to copy output module and conversion module.
    - New event OnProcesBegin.
    - New event OnDocumentProcessBegin.
    - New event OnDocumentProcessFinish.
    - Xml Export (extended) new option to split a node in several nodes by a character.
    - Xml Export (extended) new option, maximum number of characters in a node.
    - M-Files export, allows to replace files with the same name in multifiles objects.
    - new ChronoDocument script funcion GetZoneFieldJpg to get a jpg of a field.
    - Improve in auto adjust for zone fields.
    - Pdf import, allow to order the files before import.
    - New ShareBase by Hyland output module.
    - External data import, allow to delete not existing records in source database.
    - M-Files allow to set properties not associated to the class.
    - CIMIS export, allow to upload a new version when the document exists.
    - New intellitag option "Nearest regular expresion at right".
    - New masterkey utility for import/export masterkeys.
    - New convert module for Digital signature.
    - Export to Google Docs updated to Google Drive with OAuth2 Authentication.
    - Custom OCR configuration for field zones, overwriting global configuration.
    - Marker Remove.
    - Append to existing text files.
    - Allow multiple IntelliTags for single field to create array.
    - Add user values to IntelliTags.
    - Keep orignal path when importing Pdf.
    - Allow continue and rename/move for corrupt Pdf in hotfolder.
    - Concatenate functions for export fields.
    - New ChronoDocument script function to get document GUID.
    - New ChronoDocument script function to get processed document size.
    - New grid function “cut left word”.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 15, December, 2017

    Requires maintenance through 2016.12.15

    New extended XML export, allows to generate each node in a custom node.
    M-Files export, new option for update fields when the document exists.
    Scripting, new function ChronoDocument.GetField to return a UserField object.
    Pdf documents, allows to save original document and export using the original document.
    M-Files, allow to dynamically set the object type and class.
    New intellitag utility to search nearest regular expression.
    M-Files, allow to add files to an existing object (multi-file mode).
    GridCutter processing module, allows to add footer to each clip as well as header.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 02, October, 2017

    Requires maintenance through 2016.10.02

    New ChronoDocument function GetValidateStatus to know the status of a document.
    Export to ODBC decimal values - fixed.
    Intellitag read for intellitags linked to a document type - fixed.
    Barcode read for fixed values when value position doesn't exist - fixed.
    New option for intellitags "Phrase below".
    Barcode, allow unicode values.
    Included new UI language (Simplified Chinese).

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 07, September, 2017

    Requires maintenance through 2016.09.07

    Improved IntelliTag recognition.
    Ability to hide unwanted fields in the grid view panel.
    Support for very large databound lists.
    New hotfolder creation options.
    Ability to filter exported documents/data by field status/value.
    Blank page detection using content threshold.
    Ability to auto/manually mark documents to be ignored.
    New M-Files feature added to allow document replacement.

    Nuance OCR plugin Release Notes v. - 08, September, 2017

    Requires maintenance through 2016.09.08

    Updated Nuance engine.
    Added new PDF A formats.
    Added zone location option to improve ocr.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 13, March, 2017

    Requires maintenance through 2016.03.13

    Nuance v20 Plug-in Support (+Optional engines for ICR/Chinese/Arabic).
    Mixed OCR/Native PDF text import utility.
    Search box for I-tags manager.
    Updated images engines.
    New visual styles.
    Help lists: Allows to configure refresh time.
    Export report: Don’t generate export report.
    Page variables: Added indexed properties to page variables.
    New date validation function: ISDATEINRANGEFROMSCANDATE(-30,30)
    Support to SFTP through curl.
    Input files: Allows to use a regular expression to filter input files.
    Hotfolders: Allows to setup an executing time frame.
    PDF rendering: Updated rendering engine.
    Barcode: Optimized reading of barcodes.
    Barcode: Added extended code 3/9.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 22, July, 2016

    Requires maintenance through 2016.07.22

    XGrid: Fixed problems after reading xgrid.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 12, July, 2016

    Requires maintenance through 2016.07.12

    Hotfolder: Time windows can now be set.
    Hotfolder: Now whenever an error ocurs the hotfolder will stop and an email will be sent.
    Input modules: Regular expressions can now be used to filter input files/directories.
    Output modules: There is a new option to add pages to an existing PDF file.
    Grid capture: New charriage return splitter mode.
    Grouping fields for input form can be created.
    Import utilities for intellitags can be executed on windows scheduler.
    VBScript: New functions for master key/document type and custom variables added.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 17, November, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.09.11

    New native Nuance PDF output module (20x compression on color images) (*needs Nuance plug-in Update)
    New language detection utility
    Intelli-Tags changes using document language
    New icons showing data source
    Barcode triggers allows to select source module
    General speed improvements opening/saving batches
    New master key working mode (Allows to link Intellitags to an specific supplier)
    Allows Documents types to be linked to master key
    New supplier database import utility
    New Intelli-Tag/database syncronization tool
    Database lookup viewer panel (Allows to view linked records)
    M-FILES, search real id for diplay id's on linked database objects
    Hotfolder allows to pause and send an e-mail on errors

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 23, July, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.07.23

    Easiest configuration of more than one read barcode module
    Database lookups allows multiple configurations
    Database lookups allows updates using an update key
    Add master/detail extraction option to the xgrid
    Rotate zones in Zonal OCR
    Intellitag scoring improvements
    ChronoScan OCR: overall OCR speed is higher by 20%-70%
    Hand mode on viewer when mouse is over xgrid rows
    Sharepoint connector issue with different List name and url name
    New function in ChronoBatch object to know the export status GetExportStatus
    New function to cancel current batch processing
    XML Export : ability to create one XML file per document

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 27, April, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.04.27

    Intellitag search on Zonal OCR
    Advanced multiline split on Zonal OCR
    Advanced image filters in Zonal OCR
    Solved image rotation issue with ChronoScan OCR

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 23, March, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.03.23

    Fixed problem importing b&w multipage tiff files

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 17, March, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.03.17

    Hotfolder issue on v.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 09, March, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.03.05

    New Intelli-Tag tool to extract data based on search tags.
    Global Scripts and Jobs scripts modules (allows to share scripts between events).
    Twain scan: possibility of change basic scan settings without open scanner settings window
    VBScript Hotfolder, possibility of executes hotfolder scripts and configured UI scripts
    Export all XGrid data in Txt conversion module, (before only one was allowed)
    Export All XGrid in ODBC conversion module, (before only one was allowed)
    Improved document type load times
    More string macro commands for 'Variable Wizard'
    Allows set maximum number of files to import in Hotfolder
    Event script for OnGridRead and OnGridChanged
    Triggers, split when a regular expression changes

    Bug Fixes

    • Minor improvements and fixes.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 28, January, 2015

    Requires maintenance through 2014.01.27

    Added Servian interface language.
    Added Lithuanian interface language.
    Improve document type load times.
    Triggers, split when a regular expression changes.
    Grid, allows to copy previous lines if current is empty.
    Create event script for OnGridChanged.
    Allows to configure capture GRID with fixed row height and rows number.
    Update ChronoScan OCR engine: Improved overall OCR speed by 5-15%.
    Allows Hotfolder to create batches using subdirectories on the Hotfolder target
    Allow several extensions in import configuration "*.jpg;*.jpeg"
    Add multi select list items to M-Files export
    M-FILES object creation with default Workflow
    Trigger size aware option
    New ChronoBatch function, GetLastInputCount

    Bug Fixes

    • A lot of minor improvements and fixes.
    • Fixed possible memory leaks when OCR was cancelled.
    • HotFolder issues.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 07, November, 2014

    Requires maintenance through 2013.11.07

    PDF: Improved PDF text extraction.
    PDF: Native PDF format retain on export.
    PDF: Detect PDF orientation improvements.
    General: Serveral hotfix
    Zonal OCR: Select zone with Ctrl+Click in a word
    Thumbnails: Open current image on an external viewer
    Output: Allows to activate/deactivate output modules
    IntelliCap: Remove th and rd of the English dates

    Bug Fixes

    • General failure after OCR/Read fields stages.
    • HotFolder issues.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - 19, September, 2014

    Requires maintenance through 2013.09.19

    Output: M-FILES output module.
    Output: Allows to generate PDF/A-1a.
    Interface: German user interface completed.
    Interface: Lithuanian user interface completed.
    Interface: French user interface completed.
    IDR: Type recognition in all document pages.
    IDR: Improved scale detection.
    IDR: Improved offset detection.
    OMR: Mark detection engine (Advanced version).
    Main: Allows to execute custom image processing.
    Main: Allows to execute custom image processing.
    OCR: Allows to execute OCR only on specified pages.
    SCAN: Start to scan if scanner selected.
    Export: New VBScript at export time.
    Custom.xml: New custom xml options.

    Bug Fixes

    • Barcode document split problems
    • Field Rename
    • Stability issues
    • Performance issues

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - May, 14, 2014

    Requires maintenance through 2013.04.14

    Main: Global option for image processing.
    Main: Allows drop files from windows explorer and MS Outlook.
    Viewer: New zoom area tool.
    Viewer: New toolbar on viewer.Document Type: Image processing by document type.
    Document Type: Select OCR engine by document type.
    IDR: New tool to improve recognition of similar document types.
    Fields: Allows to show/hide field on specified document type.
    HotFolders: New HotFolder utility (Advanced version).
    Plug-In: New optional Nuance-OCR Plug-in.

    Bug Fixes

    • Barcode document split problems
    • Field Rename
    • Stability issues
    • Performance issues

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - Febrery, 17, 2014

    Requires maintenance through 2013.02.17

    User Interface: Direct interface for external database lookup & field map.
    Batches: Allows you to export only validated documents.
    Batches: Allows you to export only errors.
    Batches: Allow exporting errors to one destination and validated to other destination.
    Batches: Batch number is now global for multiple user environments.
    Batches: Now allows deleting exported documents (and retains errors in the batch).
    Command Line: New utilities for the command line.
    User Interface: New utilities to customize ChronoScan UI.

    Bug Fixes

    • Twain Scanner problems on Windows 8.1
    • PDF rendering problems solved

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - January, 16, 2014

    Requires maintenance through 2013.01.16

    Support for command line execution.
    Capture table now has start/end limits and start/end triggers.
    New extraction functions in capture table.
    New trigger: record identification and split on reports.
    New trigger: create horizontal reference lines.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - December, 26, 2013

    Requires maintenance through 2012.12.26

    Data Grid: four different capture grid configurations.
    General: Sample jobs/documents installation.
    General: Allows changing the date fields capture format.
    Jobs: Document Types configuration is now under job folder.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - December, 26, 2013

    Requires maintenance through 2012.12.26

    Data Grid: four different capture grid configurations.
    General: Sample jobs/documents installation.
    General: Allows changing the date fields capture format.
    Jobs: Document Types configuration is now under job folder.

    ChronoScan Release Notes v. - November, 26, 2013

    Requires maintenance through 2012.11.26

    General: Speed improvements in zone recognition and user interface.
    Document Recognition: New zone engine allows capture zones from different scaled documents (photocopies, etc.)
    Triggers OCR: Added local OCR only in the trigger area.
    Types: Now one document type can be excluded from the automatic type recognition.
    Zones: Dual OCR zone type, allows you to capture one zone using two engines, if there are differences, then the field is marked as an error.
    Zones: Allows you to clear background noise.
    Zones: Erode and dilate chars filter.
    Zones: Allows you to view the cropped zone in the data form.
    Improved recognition quality.
    Overall OCR speed improved by 30-40%.
    Improved spaces detection.
    Improved inversion detection.
    Line extraction: Capture specific lines from multiline columns.
    Line extraction: Export grid data module to CSV/TXT
    Alfresco/CMIS: Set object type directly (ObjectTypeId)
    Alfresco/CMIS: Set value on properties of type date, decimal, long, int.

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