Licenses and Activation Keys

  1. Can I buy one license and use ChronoScan on two computers?
    No, ChronoScan licenses are installed on one computer.
  2. What is an activation key?
    A line value that identifies a license, term of software maintenance, and hashcode to activate a genuine copy of ChronoScan.
  3. How many activation keys will I get when I purchase multiple licenses?
    One line per license.

Software Maintenance

  1. What is maintenance?
    A steady stream of software upgrades and priority support, offered in lieu of less-frequent, paid upgrades. Learn more.
  2. Does my new license include maintenance?
    Yes, one year for all comercial versions. (Compare licenses).
  3. Do I need to buy maintenance with a new license?
    No, an initial term is included.
  4. Can I continue using ChronoScan without renewing maintenance?
    Absolutely, your license is for perpetual use.
  5. Can I renew maintenance after my current term expires?
    Yes, assuming you have a License for ChronoScan. There is no penalty for late renewal. Your new term begins the date you renew.
  6. Do I need my original activation key to renew maintenance?
    Yes, when you purchase it.

Price and Refunds

  1. Do previous purchases count toward a quantity discount?
    Unfortunately, no. And to be fair, our policy is firm.
  2. What is your refund policy?
    ChronoScan Software encourages you to fully evaluate ChronoScan, during a trial, before purchasing a license. Contact us to extend a trial. Refunds are issued at the sole discretion of ChronoScan Software.