What is yodaOCR?
yodaOCR is a free OCR engine that allows optical character recognition (OCR) on documents or images in natural scenes.
Why yodaOCR?
I've harbored a long-standing desire to craft an OCR engine accessible to a broad user base. yodaOCR embodies simplicity and potency, excelling in text recognition within even the most formidable environments, rivalling commercial OCRs. As a personal project, yodaOCR represents a commitment of my free time. It was meticulously developed in 2023 by José Luis Rey, part of the ChronoScan Dev Team.
Main features
Intuitive user interface for user-friendly navigation.
Easily add pages from various sources, including: PDF Files, image files, Clipboard.
Integration of the powerful yodaOCR engine for seamless recognition of handwritten and Western text.
Effortless export options, enabling users to save content as either text or PDF documents.
Free to use.

OCR&Handwritting text in one shot

Read text + annotations in a single process.


Natural scene recognition

yodaOCR can recognize text on natural scenes.


yodaOCR is very tolerant to background noise