3.4.13. Intelli-Tags

3.4.13. Intelli-Tags
Intelli-tags are nothing more than special types of triggers that will work on the entire page of a document. Intelli-tags can be of two types :
Just like triggers the search function intelli-tags will perform a search for a certain user specified bit of text (no regular expressions allowed) on the entire document and then perform another specific search function. The current search functions on ChronoScan are the following :
Currently available search functions for search function intelli-tags.
Each search function will be looking for specific types of data. Please bear in mind that depending on the document intelli-tags will not work or not work as expected. If your search function intelli-tag does not work you may try changing your OCR Engine to a different one or just replace the intelli-tag with a OCR Zone coupled with a position reference trigger.
Static value intelli-tags will perform the search for the user specified bit of text but then just assign a user specified text to the linked field.
NOTE: Intelli-Tags were developed to work with a specific kind of high quality document standard. They might work on lower quality documents but the results are not going to be always consistent and reliable.

Intelli-Tag Selection Tool

1. Intelli-Tag Selection Tool
Whenever there are multiple detections for the same intelli-tag on a document the Intelli-Tag Selection tool will show up when the field to which that intelli-tag is selected or when the intelli-tag itself is selected allowing the user to choose a different result for that intelli-tag. On regular setups that setting will not stick if the document is processed again. To make the new selection stick the user must change to a masterkey setup which is explained here. And here you can find how to setup a masterkey setup.

Static Value Intelli-Tag

2. Static Value Intelli-Tag
Static Value Intelli-Tags will look like this. Only the detected value will be highlighted on a transparent yellow box. 

Search Function Intelli-Tag

3. Search Function Intelli-Tag
Search Function Intelli-Tags will look like this. You will see the intelli-tag on the filled yellow box and the search function result highlighted in the blank yellow box and a green line indicating a position trigger.

Intelli-Tag Icon

4. Intelli-Tag Icon
The Intelli-Tag icon will be displayed next to fields that have intelli-tag lists assigned to it.