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This toolbar allows you to manage document types, search certain documents, configure OCR read and Barcode reading and
to actually process the documents currently in the batch as well as tweaking OCR configurations after setting up the Job.

Process Selection

1. Process Selection
After setting up all the OCR Fields and Grids and other reading settings select the documents you
want to process and click on the Process Selection button to open up the Process and Tasks Settings Window,
select the desired tasks before and after processing and click OK.

Image Processing Options

2. Image Processing Options
The Image Processing button will open up the Image Processing window where
it is possible to access advanced image processing options for the whole batch to improve OCR results.

Barcode Read Options

3. Barcode Read Options
The Barcode Read Options button allows you to enable barcode reading,
add barcode readings and to setup barcode triggers.
Options presented by the Barcode Read menu. More on barcode reading and triggering here.

OCR Read Options

4. OCR Read Options
The OCR Read Options menu allows you to setup OCR reading and to select the desired OCR engine.
It is good practice to test different engines for the same documents if the current selection is
returning too many errors. It is also important to select the desired language or
languages from the Active OCR Settings menu.
Options presented by the OCR Read menu.
The  Do All Text OCR on All Images option will open the OCR All Pages window.
You can change the Active OCR Engine by selecting one from the Active OCR Engine
menu and tweak it's settings by clicking on the Active OCR Settings options.
By default the selected configuration is global, but when
"Use custom OCR configuration for this Job" is selected an exclusive configuration will be created for the current Job.

Document Type Options

5. Document Type Options
The Document Types button will open up the Document Types menu.
on the Data Entry Tab but it has some more functionality related to masterkey setups.
NOTE: Only use the Advanced Options if you are using a Masterkey Job and if you know what you are doing.
If you do not know what a materkey job is all the options inside the Advanced option menu should be disabled (deselected).

Search and View

6. Search and View
This menu will give View options based on the selected criteria.
View and Search Criteria options. If you want to view all documents select view all documents.
The search by file size option will open the Filter by Image Size Window. 
NOTE: Do not forget to click on the View All Documents option when you want to see all the documents in the batch again.

Document Actions

7. Document Actions
The actions menu is documented here.
This menu includes many useful document and batch actions.

Tasks and Processes

8. Tasks and Processes
This will open a more complete version of the Process and Task Settings window.
It open the possibility to perform actions during input time and during export time.
It can be found here.

Undo Last Action

9. Undo Last Action
Undo actions like manual split, removing documents from batch and other document operations.
Most of the actions on ChronoScan are not undoable.
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