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This window gives access to advanced Image Processing options to improve OCR reading results when there is a problem with your documents. You can stack filters and preview the final result. You can keep tweaking until the desired result is achieved. Click OK after all the desired settings are done to close the window and apply the settings to your batch.
To open this window click on the Image Processing button on the Document Toolbar of the Scan/Input tab.


1. Presets
This menu stores presets, there are three presets already built-in but it is possible to save new ones and edit or remove old ones using the Presets Management buttons and the Filters Management buttons.
Three built-in presets.

Presets Management

2. Presets Management
Save or remove a preset from the Presets menu by using those buttons.

Available Filters

3. Available Filters
This menu will give access to all available image processing filters. Select the filter you want from the menu and click on the Add filter button from the Filter Management buttons.
Currently available image processing filters.

Filter List and Settings

4. Filter List and Settings
This panel will show all the filters currently used and will show settings for each of them. All settings are customizable and you can check the results using the Detail and Preview panels.

Filters Management

5. Filters Management
Select a filter from the Available Filters list and click on the Add button to add it to the Filter List. Select a filter from the Filter List and use the up and down arrows to move it up or down on the list or the Remove button to remove the filter from the list.

Refresh Settings

6. Refresh Settings
This button will refresh the settings, use this when you want to make sure the Preview and Detail panels are showing all the current filters.


7. Tooltips
This panel shows information about selected panels.

Detail Panel

8. Detail Panel
This panel shows a very detailed view of the current document with all the filters applied.

Zoom Tools

9. Zoom Tools
The zoom tools help navigation of the document. Use it to zoom in and out of the document and to the right or left of the document with a single click.

Document Navigation Panel

10. Document Navigation Panel
This panel shows the original document. This view mirrors the Preview panel view. The document navigation tools are available on the top of the panel.

Preview Panel

11. Preview Panel
This panel shows the processed document. This view mirrors the Document Navigation panel view. The document navigation tools are available on the top of the panel
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