Flexible document separation.

Improve your scan applications using the correct document segmentation strategy.

Split using IDR

Split using IDR - Intelligent Document Recognition.

Just define how the first page looks and let ChronoScan split the document.

IDR Split 1

IDR Split 2


Split using bar code information

Image improvements

Patch Code

Patch Codes for separating scanned documents

The Patch Codes aid in batch scanning of documents. Several documents may need to be scanned, and each document should end up in a separate document. Instead of running three separate jobs (loading the scanner with each document separately), the documents are loaded into the scanner with a Patch 2 separating each document. When the scanner encounters a Patch 2, then the scanner starts copying the scans to the next document

Batches edit

Batches edit

Visual Split

Split documents in one click

Sometimes visual split is the most usefull strategy for document segmentation. We create some fancy tools to allow you to manually split dozens of files per minute

Drag and drop