Menu E-mail Input Rules Window E-mail Input Rules Window
The email input rules will help the user set different import rules depending on source email address and the filename of each attachment.
On the screenshot above the rules will only apply to source email addresses that contain @chronoscan.org, attachments that contain _other in their filename will not be imported and whenever an attachment containing _invoice in it's filename is found a new document will be generated inside ChronoScan and subsequent attachments will be added to that same document inside ChronoScan until another attachment containing _invoice in it's filename is found.
Those are the available variables:
%img.height% (pixels)
%img.width% (pixels)
%img.size% (bytes)

Source email address filter

1. Source email address filter
The source email address filter will allow the user to only apply e-mail input rules to emails coming from certain addresses.

Attachment filename filters

2. Attachment filename filters
The attachment filename filter will allow the user to create Import only, Ignore and Split filters.
The split filter will generate a new document inside ChronoScan every time the criteria is matched.

Add Configuration

3. Add Configuration
After setting the desired options use the add button to add the configuration.