3.4.16. OCR Engines

3.4.16. OCR Engines
On ChronoScan it is possible to select which OCR Engine will be used per each individual OCR Zone or Grid Column where Advanced OCR Reading is enabled.
To change the global setting for OCR Engines refer to the OCR Read Options menu.

ChronoScan OCR Engine

1. ChronoScan OCR Engine
The ChronoScan OCR Engine is built into every ChronoScan installation and will provide good results whether you have scanned or native PDF documents.

Tesseract OCR Engine

2. Tesseract OCR Engine
The Tesseract OCR Engine is a free OCR engine developed by google and can be used as an alternative to ChronoScan OCR or Nuance OCR.

Nuance OCR Engine

3. Nuance OCR Engine
The Nuance OCR Engine is sold separately as a plugin package and is highly recommended for scanned documents as 8 times out of 10 it will provide better results. If in doubt the customer can always request a trial license to test the differences between ChronoScan OCR, Tesseract OCR and Nuance OCR.

PDF-Text Layer Extraction

4. PDF-Text Layer Extraction
The PDF-Text Layer is the built in text layer existing in native PDF files. If the PDF files were generate natively (inside any word processing application) this should be the best option to choose from. Whenever ChronoScan detects a native PDF file that contains a PDF-Text layer it will set the PDF-Text Layer as the default Engine to capture text.

Mark Detection OCR Engine

5. Mark Detection OCR Engine
The Mark detection OCR Engine is used to capture checkboxes and checkmarks. Learn more about checkbox and checkmark detection here.

Dual OCR Engine

6. Dual OCR Engine
The Dual OCR Engine is a combination between ChronoScan OCR and Tesseract OCR. The result will be shown as a combination of the reading done by each of the engines. Only what is common between both will be set as the reading result.