Hotfolder Automated Input Hotfolder Automated Input
Using the Hotfolder service the user can set a local folder on the server from where files will be imported into new Batches, processed and exported with or without user intervention.
On this window it is possible to set several settings including the name for each new Batch using system variables and the import settings for PDF files amongst many other settings.

Activate Hotfolder Service

1. Activate Hotfolder Service
Use this option to enable or disable the Hotfolder service.
Useful when testing or troubleshooting.

Folder Import and Batch Options

2. Folder Import and Batch Options
Using those options the user can control which files and folders will be imported and how they are going to be imported.
It is also possible to change the naming structure for new Batches.
Using the regular expression option only the folders that match the regular expression will be imported.

File Import Options

3. File Import Options
The file import options will allow the user to choose what to extract from PDF each file.
The save original pdf page and pdf document options are useful when keeping the original image quality and any digital signatures are required.
If a different conversion resolution is needed make sure that the same file wasn't imported and setup with a different resolution value in the past.

HotFolder Base Folder

4. HotFolder Base Folder
To start using hotfolders create the directory structure for the base folder.
The Input root directory can be changed on the Administration Tab on the wci_input_root field.

Batches Input Folder

5. Batches Input Folder
The batches base folder can be used to generate batches following the sub folder structure inside the batches base folder.
The batches will be created according to the sub folder structure and will be named after their respective sub folder.
This works for the first level only.

User Batches Input Folder

6. User Batches Input Folder
To send new batches to a specific user use the User Batches base folder.
Just create subfolders for each user and move the desired documents to each user subfolder.
The new batches will be named after the default batch naming rules set for the job but will be assigned to the respective user.
This option can be used with the User Batch Exclusivity Mode to allow users to only see and work with Batches assigned to them.

Entity Input Folder

7. Entity Input Folder
To create entity batches use the Entity Input Folder structure.
This option can be used with the Entity Batch Exclusivity Mode to make sure users belonging to a specific entity can only work on and see batches from their own entities.