5.8.1. Document\Batch Creation

During Document Creation you can add documents to new or existing batches. There are four options available:

Creating batches from the ChronoScan Web Interface:


Creating batches from a input folder:

Using the input module on ChonoScan Enterprise you can set a directory to bulk import documents into the system. See Input service configuration for more details.

Creating Batches using the SMTP Input service:

ChronoScan Enterprise offers an SMTP input module that will monitor an inbox and create Batches from attached documents. See IMAP Automated Input for more details.

Creating batches from ChronoScan regular hotfolders (NOT RECOMMENDED):

The regular ChronoScan Advanced hotfolders can be executed to create batches. This will not take advantage of many of the ChronoScan Enterprise features thus it is highly not recommend.
NOTE: This is only available through the desktop interface.