Using Office 365 Accounts for Email and Sharepoint Integration

ChronoScan includes several options for email integration. You can use our SMTP module to export documents to the desired inbox; you can also use the ChronoApp.SendSmtpEmail() function to send emails via VBScripts.
On ChronoScan Enterprise we have a built-in email monitoring tool that will allow users to import documents directly from the desired email account. Similarly to our SMTP module, we also have a Sharepoint module that allows users to export documents and data directly to a Sharepoint server.
If you are using an Office 365 account for any of those integrations you might notice that they have stopped working recently. So every time you try to send an email or document out, you will get an error message of some sort. The same goes for ChronoScan Enterprise's email hotfolders.
Due to security settings on Office 365 accounts, multi-factor authentication seems to be mandatory after 14 days, even if the user has it disabled on their settings. This happens because security defaults are enabled.
To get ChronoScan working with your Office 365 accounts, you must disable/change your security defaults so multi-factor authentication is no longer required.
Location of the Security Defaults Options
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