Tasks/HotFolder Tab

Tasks/HotFolder Tab
The Tasks/HotFolder Tab gives you access to ChronoScan's very powerful automating features.
After setting up the Job as desired it is possible to create HotFolder tasks.
A HotFolder task will look regularly into a folder for files and will run the desired operations on the files without any user intervention.
More on HotFolders can be found here.

View Toolbar

1. View Toolbar
The HotFolders button is enabled and locked by default. It makes the HotFolders Panel visible.

HotFolder Toolbar

2. HotFolder Toolbar
On the HotFolder Toolbar it is possible to create and edit existing HotFolder tasks as well as deactivating and activating them.
You can also pause and resume HotFolder tasks when they start running.
The HotFolder Toolbar is documented here.

Quick Options Toolbar

3. Quick Options Toolbar
On this panel it is possible to enable a few quick options.
When the desired HotFolder tasks are setup and enabled you can use those options to further automate the data capture tasks.
The Quick Options Toolbar is documented here.

HotFolders Panel

4. HotFolders Panel
The HotFolders Panel displays all of the created HotFolder tasks.
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