3.4.5. PatchCodes

PatchCode is a type of barcode that is commonly used to send commands such as "end of document", "number of pages per document" and "scan depth change" to a program.
A PatchCode is scanned along with the documents on specific places and it affects the documents scanned after it (for example set document type or other data fields to certain values).
PatchCodes available for Chronoscan can be found here.
The most common way of using PatchCodes within ChronoScan is to split multi-Image documents.
PatchCodes are also prepared to change to multi-image or single-image mode,  allowing for mixing of multi-page and single-page documents, set scanner to grayscale or color or set a user specified field to a certain value.
Here is documented the detailed information on how to successfully import or scan multi-image documents using PatchCodes.
An example of PatchCode used by ChronoScan.