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The main PatchCode usage is to split documents. It makes scanning multi-image documents very straight forward, eliminating user intervention. The only extra step needed to be taken is while scanning to add one PatchCode page at the end of each document.
When scanning or importing documents using PatchCodes the split will be done automatically.
In order to activate the PatchCode split option there are three alternatives:
While creating a Job using the Job Wizard the Split when a PATCHCODE is found option should be selected on the Document Split window, more information on this here.
Or it is possible to activate the option directly on the Job Administration window accessed by selecting the desired Job on the Administration tab and clicking on the Configure JOB button, more information on this here.
The third way to activate PatchCode split is by selecting it on the Documents and Image Input Toolbar on the Scan/Input Tab. Click on the Document Split button to open up the menu where you can select the Document Split with PatchCode option and which PatchCode you will be using, there you will also find a link to all PatchCodes used by ChronoScan.
This way all the different documents will be automatically split while they are imported or scanned into ChronoScan.
When scanning or importing using PatchCodes the documents to be imported or scanned should look like the image above, after the end of each document a PatchCode page is added.
If the PatchCode Split option was selected during the creation of the Job using he Job Wizard or using the Job Administration window, ChronoScan will automatically split all the documents and remove the PatchCode pages.
After importing the files above or scanning the documents using the PatchCode Split option this is the final result:
Final result after importing the files into ChronoScan.
The documents are now split correctly without any user intervention and ready to have their data extracted and processed.