Barcode Separation in Several Fields

As default the Job Wizard creates a field called Barcode Read. This field will contain the full code read from the document.
NOTE: To setup barcode options like this, you should only import one or two sample documents for setup purposes and only import the whole set of documents after all the desired settings are set.
It is possible to separate the code in several fields. On this tutorial we will separate the code in 3 fields.
Firstly create 3 new Data Fields:
Create Data Fields using the Add New Data Field button on the Form View.
As default new fields are Alphanumeric. We need to change them to Barcode Reading. Select each field, open it's properties using the Data Field Menu button and change the field type to Barcode Reading:
Open the Field's Properties on the Properties Panel and change it's Field Type to Barcode Reading.
Now we need to configure barcode options for each field:
Barcode Field Configuration Menu. We are selecting only the first seven digits of the full barcode for the field Part1.
Now we can select the next 7 digits for the field Part2:
And the last digits for the Part 3 field:
The last 8 digits go to the Part3 field.
Now the Job is ready. Every document that is imported with a barcode will have the barcode read and separated accordingly.
NOTE: You will have to import the current files again to have the barcode split like in the example below.
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