Barcode Read for Several Codes

On this tutorial we will learn how to read 2 barcodes and store them in several different fields.
We have documents containing barcodes like this:
Barcodes presented on the documents we are going to scan.
We want to store the two codes in 3 fields as follows:
NOTE: When setting up barcodes for a Job, only one or two sample documents should be selected for each document type. Only after the barcode reading is set, we can import the whole set of documents to be scanned or imported.
ChronoScan defaults to one Barcode Reading. First we need to add a new barcode configuration and activate both of them:
Click on the Add Barcode Read Configuration button to add a new configuration.
The Barcode Read Menu should look like this when the two Barcode Readings are enabled. 
Now we need to setup each reading:
Click on the Barcode Read Settings 1 button to setup the Barcode Reading 1.
For the first code we are going to have this:
Select only Code128  and Minimum and maximum length of only 4 characters.
Settings for the first barcode reading.
The same process is repeated for the second reading:
The settings are similar to the first reading, but now the minimum and maximum lengths are set to 10 characters.
Settings for the second barcode reading.
Now every time a file is imported into ChronoScan the two barcode configurations will be executed.
Now we configure the fields:
We need to create 3 fields to store the data:
Three fields set to Barcode Reading are created.
These fields should be set to Barcode Reading type:
Field Type set to Barcode Reading.
Now we have to configure each field:
Click on the gear icon on the Barcode Field Configuratin field.
On the Barcode Field Configuration window use the Use Code dropdown menu with the modules and barcodes read to select the desired barcode. Select module1-code1. On this case, we want to use the whole code:
Barcode Field Configuration for the first field.
For the second field we will use the second barcode reading selecting module2-code1. Instead of using the whole code we will use only the first 3 characters:
Barcode Field Configuration for the second field.
For the last field we will also use the second barcode reading but use only the last 8 characters of the barcode:
Barcode Field Configuration for the third field.
This is the result. Now it is time to remove the sample documents and import the whole set of documents:
Every new document imported into ChronoScan will now have the barcodes extracted as shown.
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