4.6. Running ChronoScan Web Server through a Reverse Proxy (IIS)

You might need to install ChronoScan Web as an application on an existing IIS server, this article will help you configure IIS as a reverse proxy to run ChronoScan Web.
1 - Install ARR (Application Request Routing):
2 - Enable encoding on your IIS (the ARR needs it):
Double click on the URL Rewrite of your web site:
Click on View Server Variables:

3 - Create a virtual directory (not app) on your IIS server and double click on it's URL rewrite module (wci is our selected name, you can use any name):
Click on "Add rules" option and add a "Reverse Proxy" one:
4 - Activate Reverse proxy on the ChronoScan settings (please make sure that the directory name match your configuration, in this case /wci):