Select Barcode Window

Select Barcode Window
On the "Select barcode" window you will be able to set the settings for the trigger and the part of the barcode that will be used. After creating conditions you will need to create barcode actions.
As of now the "Condition" drop down menu will present the following options :
Possible conditions for barcode triggers.

Condition Field

1. Condition Field
In this field you can select several conditions from the drop-down menu for the read barcodes on your documents. Allowing to use only specific parts of the barcodes and comparing it to the value on the "Barcode Value" field.

Barcode Value Field

2. Barcode Value Field
The value in this field will be used to check the condition on the "Condition Field". The drop-down menu will present currently read barcode values on your documents.

Description FIeld

3. Description FIeld
This field offers a description for the trigger that will show up on the "Conditions" area of the "BARCODE Triggers" window.
This field will be set automatically every time the "Condition" field is changed from the drop down menu. After that you can customize the text.
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