Cursors Menu

Cursors Menu
The cursor menu offers great tools for manual and repetitive tasks such as rotating, splitting documents and moving or deleting pages.

Select Cursor

1. Select Cursor
This is the default cursor, it is used to make selections of one or several documents.

Move Cursor

2. Move Cursor
Those cursors are very useful for sorting out document pages. With the Move Left cursor If the first page is selected it will become the last page of the previous document.

Split Cursor

3. Split Cursor
Click on any page of any document to make a new document from the selection. Very useful for manual split.

Delete Cursor

4. Delete Cursor
Use this cursor to delete the selection. Very useful for cleaning up unneeded pages from scans.

Rotate Cursor

5. Rotate Cursor
Those cursors rotate the selection by the indicated amount.
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